Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Must-Have Personality Traits

by Socialnomics with Suzanne Downing

So far, I’m in love with Levinson & Gibson’s Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: 100+ Weapons to Grow Your Online Influence, Attract Customers, and Drive Profits book. And, I’m only 18 pages into the thick of it. What I got so far from the book is a self-evaluation exercise. And I’m sharing a few nuggets of it with you. Evaluate yourself as you read through these social media marketing must-have personality traits straight from the book. (paraphrased by me)


Do you search for truth and verify information? Or, do you chase every trend and new tool? Use Forrester Research,, etc. Watch other guerrillas and innovators. What is their feedback on new tools or technology? Start becoming immune to the hype.


Experiement! Make mistakes! Try new ways of utilizing social media to gain a competitive advantage. Ask yourself “What if” and “I wonder” questions constantly. Let your curiosity be used for you, not against you.


Have a plan in place with a team of experts. Use your energy in the fast paced internet world. If things go bad, deal with it in sprint fashion. Not 24 hours, but right away. How are you at sprinting? Are you fast to respond? Quick to change? Can you be a sprinter?


Technology is the guerrilla social media marketer’s core weapon and compenency. Are you seeking to keep current on all things “techy”? Or, are you a technophobe?  Think about it. How can you immerse yourself fully into all things tech? Always ask, “where are we going? What is the next Twitter or Facebook going to be?”


Do you measure success by profits-not clicks, visitors, or any “cool factors”? Or, do you mistake popularity for profitability?  Remember, your subscibers, friends, or views have to eventually turn into something. Are you focusing on profits? Profit is what guerrilla marketing is all about.