Twitter Etiquette top 5 tips

by Socialnomics with Suzanne Downing

1. Practice what Momma taught: Mind your manners

If someone follows you on Twitter (or re-tweets you), thank them. This small gesture opens lines of communication, and hey, it’s just good manners to say thank you.

2. Use #hashtag to your benefit: a.k.a. don’t be annoying

Ever see a tweet that has #so #many #hashtags that #you #get confused #or #even #annoyed? Use #hashtags to encourage participation and help your followers find relevant info. Be on purpose.

3. Write perfessionally

This is your chance to capitalize on your business persona. At least maintain proper grammar and spelling. Think about it, what persona does it cast when a business uses acronyms like OMG?

4. Respond timely to others

Isn’t that is what it is all about in the world of digital social econ? Engagement? When you get what you are wanting (engagement), use it to your advantage. Answer questions in a timely manner. Comment on comments. Be on time.

5. Tweet respectful content

Don’t use your brand’s Twitter account to discuss controversial topics, send inappropriate photos, or use explicit language. Wouldn’t this be a no-brainer? Tweet what puts you into a “good” light.

Put these Twitter “quick wins” into practice.