Everyone is in the media business

by Socialnomics with Suzanne Downing

I’m jumping into chapter two of Levinson and Gibson’s Guerrilla Social Media Marketing.

Great section on realizing that everyone is now in the media business. This is key to remember!

“Today, there are an unlimited number of media outlets. Everyone is his or her own media company.” Remember when big companies could operate unethically and still manage to maintain a good image? There were hardly any media outlets back then. We are now on stage all the time. Anyone can take a photograph or video clip and post it online. Or a product review? They are out there instantaneously, good or bad.

Remember, there is the possibility for someone to have a positive or negative branding experience.

“At that interaction point, armed with their smartphone, camera, or video recorder, they will also have an opportunity to impact the brand. In seconds they will tell the world the truth or just their opinion of what you are really about. We can no longer claim to be one thing in public and another in private; with one click or one Tweet, the world can see our true brand identity.”

What are people saying about you and your brand?

How can you take advantage of the shift in the social media tide?

Embrace that everyone is now in the media business!