How to turn words into money online in 5 easy steps

by Socialnomics with Suzanne Downing

So you have a stellar product with a great price. Now you want it to sell online! You are the writer. The web is your canvas – not a print brochure or a newspaper. So where do you begin? Try these 5 tips to turn your words into money online:

Write scannable copy. Use bullet points to break up the text. No long sentences. People don’t read online, they scan. Interesting eye tracking study in 2006 by Neilson revealed the F pattern.

Focus on the benefit to your customer. Re-read the title I used for this blog post. I told you from the beginning the benefit you will get from reading this article. You can turn words into money. (Hey, you’re still reading this, right?) Brainstorm the features, advantages, and benefits of your product. Then, focus on the benefits. You will be surprised how many you come up with!

Write attention grabbing “editorial” style headlines. Don’t write, “New product release.” Boring. Instead, try “How to transform your kitchen floor in a weekend.” Better, right? Use How to techniques; Ask a question; State a common agreement; and Present a problem that concerns your reader. (i.e. “Your inefficient appliances are costing you money.”)

Write for Search Engines. Do your research. Find strong keywords. If you aren’t ranking in Google then your customers are not finding you. Get familiar with SEO. It will pay off.

Have a clear call to action. What is it you want your reader to do? Buy your product? Sign up for your enews? Make it clear. Use a call out button or a hyperlink that easily takes them to an order or sign up page. Make it simple.

Bonus advice: Practice practice practice. Start writing. You will revise your first draft. Then revise it again. Read your copy out loud. If it sounds awkward to you then it probably is. Change it.

Happy writing!