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Month: April, 2012

Everyone is in the media business

I’m jumping into chapter two of Levinson and Gibson’s Guerrilla Social Media Marketing.

Great section on realizing that everyone is now in the media business. This is key to remember!

“Today, there are an unlimited number of media outlets. Everyone is his or her own media company.” Remember when big companies could operate unethically and still manage to maintain a good image? There were hardly any media outlets back then. We are now on stage all the time. Anyone can take a photograph or video clip and post it online. Or a product review? They are out there instantaneously, good or bad.

Remember, there is the possibility for someone to have a positive or negative branding experience.

“At that interaction point, armed with their smartphone, camera, or video recorder, they will also have an opportunity to impact the brand. In seconds they will tell the world the truth or just their opinion of what you are really about. We can no longer claim to be one thing in public and another in private; with one click or one Tweet, the world can see our true brand identity.”

What are people saying about you and your brand?

How can you take advantage of the shift in the social media tide?

Embrace that everyone is now in the media business!


HELPER acronym for your social media strategy

Thanks Marketing Twins for sharing the acronym HELPER to “help” with social media strategies.

Here it is in a nutshell.


Have a central hub to drive people to regardless of the social media platform you use. If you have a new product, want someone to sign up for a newsletter, or have free stuff to offer, always lead people to your hub (usually website).

E = Educate

Seek to educate. Use creativity. Use out-of-the-box thinking to relay your message and to educate your audience using all social media platforms. Be visual. Use video. Micro-blog, etc.


Be a leader. Ispire others! Use laughter. Fun goes a long way for viral messaging in social media platforms. Organization stuffy? Seek to add new elements of fun.


Yes. Of course you are promoting your brand. That is what it is all about. But if you haven’t developed a relationship then your promotions will not be as effective as they could be.


Use relevant content. Use content people want to read. Find out what your market wants and give it to them. Engage people. Use two-way interaction techniques. Do your homework. Comment on people’s posts. Engage your peeps!


Build relationships. Some of the best marketing is having others advocate for you. Just because they want too! Start building key relationships in the social world. You never know who someone knows or how big their sphere of influence is.

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Must-Have Personality Traits

So far, I’m in love with Levinson & Gibson’s Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: 100+ Weapons to Grow Your Online Influence, Attract Customers, and Drive Profits book. And, I’m only 18 pages into the thick of it. What I got so far from the book is a self-evaluation exercise. And I’m sharing a few nuggets of it with you. Evaluate yourself as you read through these social media marketing must-have personality traits straight from the book. (paraphrased by me)


Do you search for truth and verify information? Or, do you chase every trend and new tool? Use Forrester Research,, etc. Watch other guerrillas and innovators. What is their feedback on new tools or technology? Start becoming immune to the hype.


Experiement! Make mistakes! Try new ways of utilizing social media to gain a competitive advantage. Ask yourself “What if” and “I wonder” questions constantly. Let your curiosity be used for you, not against you.


Have a plan in place with a team of experts. Use your energy in the fast paced internet world. If things go bad, deal with it in sprint fashion. Not 24 hours, but right away. How are you at sprinting? Are you fast to respond? Quick to change? Can you be a sprinter?


Technology is the guerrilla social media marketer’s core weapon and compenency. Are you seeking to keep current on all things “techy”? Or, are you a technophobe?  Think about it. How can you immerse yourself fully into all things tech? Always ask, “where are we going? What is the next Twitter or Facebook going to be?”


Do you measure success by profits-not clicks, visitors, or any “cool factors”? Or, do you mistake popularity for profitability?  Remember, your subscibers, friends, or views have to eventually turn into something. Are you focusing on profits? Profit is what guerrilla marketing is all about.

Socialnomics: a purpetual wave

Socialnomics. Have you heard the word “socialnomics” hundred’s of times in the past few years? Seen Erik’s Qualman’s “Socialnomics” book hit the market? Well, I’m on the hunt for knowledge pertaining to all things social media. That’s where you come in! I’m passing all the knowledge I collect in my quest to learn about all things social to you! I love Qualman’s definition of socialnomics below:

Socialnomics: The value created and shared via social media and its efficient influence on outcomes [economic, political, relational, etc.]. Simply put: Word of Mouth on Digital Steroids!

It’s not a fad. Socialnomics is a purpetual wave.