How to make Google AdWords Make Sense for You

by Socialnomics with Suzanne Downing

Yes, you’ve received the “try Google AdWords free” emails Google sends, and even explored some of what goes into creating an ad through Google with the $100 credit Google provides. But how does it makes sense for you and your business?

First, lets define Google AdWords in its simplist form.

Google AdWords: ( Google’s program that comes up with content-sensitive ads appearing above and to the right of search results on Google. Important note: Since Google is the most popular search engine around with millions of people searching on Google every day, the ads are viewed by many. (Makes sense, right?)

So how can you benefit by placing ads through Google AdWords?

  1. Understand Banner ads vs. Google AdWords. It’s important to know the difference between typical banner ads and Google AdWords. To break it down, Google is smarter. A banner ad is an image displayed on someone else’s web page. You are the advertiser and you pay them a fee for showing your ad. The fee varies and you may pay a CPM (cost per 1000 impressions). Or, you may pay only when someone acts on your ad like clicking to your website or making a purchase. The problem is you are limited and your banner ad is not always targeted. Really, you can’t control what web surfers are looking for when they come to the site with your banner ad.
  2. Know the Google AdWords advantage. You are in control.You can start or end your ad campaign at any time. Not only that, but you can determine how much you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. So you need to have a good bidding strategy to get you ranked above your competition.
  3. Write compelling content. Your success lies in your content after placement. You have an agonizingly small space to create your ad. Usually, you only get two lines of 30-35 characters each. Use attention grabbing words and a clear call to action.
  4. Target your AdWords effectively. Know what keywords you need for success. Do your research and target that specific keyword or phrase in your copy. For example, you have a new line of women’s golf gloves. You want to sell them quickly and use Google AdWords to drive sales. After you create the “visual” side of your ad, Google gives you a chance to choose keywords associated with your ad. Like, gloves, golf wear, golf accessories, women’s golf gloves, etc. Here is where the magic happens. When someone searches by those exact keywords or phrases, bam, your ad is there. (If you bid $ .10 for the phrase women’s golf gloves, then every time someone clicks on your ad you pay Google $ .10.)
  5. Determine how much you are willing to pay per click (PPC). This is where your strategy comes into play. You know your product or subject matter. What is it worth to gain a new customer?
  6. Know that Google AdWords is flexible. This is a feature you can take advantage of based on performance of your ad. So test, test, and test some more. You can adjust your ad copy and bid amounts at any time. So if a keyword is getting a lot of results, it may be worth a higher bidding amount. The same goes for a low performing keyword. You can adjust it to a lower bid amount or remove it altogether. The choice is yours.

Happy Google AdWording! I hope this helps you in your Google AdWord decision making.

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